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The orientation for incoming fall 2021 MCDS students will take place on Monday, August 23. To view the schedule of events, please click the link below.MCDS Orientation Schedule

A current MCDS student has been selected to share his latest research as an invited speaker at a TEDx conference. Kunal Khadilkar, who entered the MCDS student in the fall of 2019, will speak at the TEDxUWMadison event on Friday, April 16. Hosted by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the virtual conference is built on the theme "Amplify. Instill. Act." According to the event website, the...

Babies whose births were depicted in Bollywood films from the 1950s and 60s were more often than not boys; in today's films, boy and girl newborns are about evenly split. In the 50s and 60s, dowries were socially acceptable; today, not so much. And Bollywood's conception of beauty has remained consistent through the years: beautiful women have fair skin.Fans and critics of Bollywood — the...